Useful Links

Recently Added Links
Primary STEM teaching resources and projects related to farming
Sponsored STEM global learning programs and resources
Science, Art and Writing
Resources and activities to become ‘Plastic Clever’
Resources to develop understanding of the role of engineers
Lots of ideas for learning Science in ‘What’s in my tray?’

On-line CPD for teachers
Free on-line 20 min CPD sessions for Science leaders and to share with colleagues – a range of aspects are covered.  Supports development of subject knowledge
Support for Physics
Gatsby Practical Science

Science Capital
What is Science Capital?
The Science Capital Teaching Approach
2019-2020 STEM Calendar of Events
STEM Ambassador support

Statutory Assessment Key Stage 1 and 2 Guidance, Teacher Assessment Frameworks and Exemplification

Resources to support assessment and planning
Variety of resources including TAPS (Teacher Assessment in Primary Science)
ocused assessment database for examples of assessments

Lots of practical activities for physics. What might make a difference?
An A-Z Guide to Primary Science
Resources linked to the programmes of study to support planning and teaching.
Have you signed up for this? Many interesting investigations. Positive reviews.
Sign up for simple activities to elicit ideas and deepen thinking.

Schemes of Work

Working Scientifically
Very useful document about Working Scientifically – it contains progression grids for EY, KS1, KS2 and KS3.
Downloadable progression maps
Teaching Resources

Progression in Big Ideas
Important direction for the content of the science curriculum.

Health and Safety
Primary science and secondary science homepage.
Be right up-to-date all the time for latest publications and guidance (worth a monthly visit)
Access to free resources from the ASE.


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